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This is the Herbert Art Gallery that you've ignored

You may believe that in-between your lectures and seminars there is absolutely nothing you can do to spend time… You’d probably be right. Sure, you can grab a pint with your course-mates… Sit down and chill by the beanbags at the hub… But have you ever been inside the Herbert Art Gallery and see what it actually offers?

 Literally right next to The Hub!

It’s literally right next to the hub, and a minuscule amount of students go there! It includes a cafe called ‘Alfreds’ and it’s totally ignored by students!

Sir Alfred Herbert

This is the bloke that the Herbert Art Gallery was named after. In 1938, Sir Alfred Herbert donated £100,000 to the City in order for a museum and art gallery to be constructed.

The Second World War halted the process and in 1954 the foundation was laid. However, Sir Alfred did not live to see the constructed museum and art gallery.

Lady Godiva

This is an 1898 painting by John Collier and depicts the story of Lady Godiva who rode through the cobble streets of Coventry in the 11th century to protest against tax. A beautiful painting.

Why exactly are there three miniature men which look like ducks?

This is a fibreglass sculpture by Ved Gupta. It was created in 2008 and highlights the inequalities and injustices of the Indian society. The figures are in business-suits because it criticises materialism and deceit of the powerful and corrupt; the duck-like twisted masks are worn to hide their guilt.

WTF is a Strasse?

This ‘plaque’ is essentially a concrete sign from a runway on a German airfield in France. The runway was given this name after the air raid on Coventry in November 1940. It was removed by British soldiers and presented to the city in 1944.

There’s a wildlife exhibition

Currently, there is a photography exhibition from the National History Museum which showcases extraordinary animal behaviour and the breathtaking diversity of life on Earth. Chosen from over 45,000 entries by world-class expert judges, the images were awarded for their creativity, originality and technical excellence!

Everyone loves a gift!

The Herbert Art Gallery has a gift shop! There’s absolutely anything you can think of that’s related to Coventry there! Such as the new Coventry city flag!

A Tranquillising Cafe

When you’ve enjoyed your visit and finished shopping from the gift shop you can head directly to Alfred’s Cafe! Or it can just be your spot in between lectures – as you wish. It’s open from Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm and Sundays at: 12 pm to 4pm.

There’s so many interesting stuff in Herbert Art Gallery

There is so much more that you can do with your spare time and roaming around Herbert Art Gallery is just one of them. Next time you don’t know what to do with your spare time, just stop and look around – although Coventry is a boring city there are hidden gems aplenty.


Written by Alp Boyraz

International Relations student.

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