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Best 10 places for a first date in Coventry

You know what they say, you only get one chance to make that first impression. The cinema and sushi bar are so banal, they’ve definitely had that date already and, spoiler alert… It wasn’t great.

Whether you’ve been doing some Tinder swiping recently, or you finally found the courage to ask the cute person in your class out…

Here are the 10 best ideas for organising the perfect first date in Coventry.

1. Coombe Abbey

Date in Coombe Abbey Coventry

Escape the execrable pollution of the city by arranging a bike trip to this beautiful location on the countryside. The view of the lake and park will not only relax the spirits but also inspire romantic conversations.

You can make it more intriguing by not revealing the location straight away, but take the lead – and let your date trust following you.

2. Sky Lounge

There is something very intimate about sharing a shisha, especially if you are also gifted by an amazing view of the city. You won’t disappoint your date if you ask them out for a narghile, especially if you pick the right flavour… so avoid blueberry.

3. Finney’s

Possibly one of the cosiest cafes in Coventry, Finney’s is located not to far off the train station. Coffee is aphrodisiac and elevates body and mind.

So we encourage to leave the conventional big chains behind and try something more genuine instead.

4. The Yard

The Yard Gay Bar in Coventry Really Entertaining

Some people just need a stronger drink to break the ice, so what’s a better option than an LGBTI+ friendly pub? Spread some love and if you feel brave enough, opt for a karaoke night on Thursday… fun is assured.

5. Dolci

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Literally meaning sweet in Italian, who can refuse a good dessert and a chilled chat?

If you’re looking for something easy-going and not too challenging, a dessert place is the spot for you. It can accommodate even the busiest schedule as it’s always a good time to grab a quick crepe. Or maybe to spend hours talking about your personal lives… who knows.

6. Twisted Barrel

Beer lovers, we got you covered!

Located in the vibrant FarGo Village, the Twisted Barrel brewery can most certainly impress every brewski drinker because of the wide range they offer. The smooth atmosphere will do the rest, guaranteed.

7. Sovrano Caffe

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Not only they offer amazing Italian dishes, they also have a Nutella Mocha which simply is irresistible.

Enjoy a stimulating conversation while looking at iconic pictures hanging on the wooden walls… Β or observe the vibrant foot traffic whilst sitting outside.

8. Fancy Restuarant

The old good dinner. Whether you fancy a cheeky Nando’s or a sophisticated Calzone, the idea of a romantic dinner is never obsolete.

Surprise your special one with some flowers, open the door for them, move their chair even, and don’t forget to fill their wine glass up. You’ll make them feel like they’re in a movie, and no, you won’t look cheesy at all.

9. War Memorial Park

War Memorial Park romatic walks with your

Who doesn’t love an evergreen romantic walk to a park?

And why don’t you try to make it memorable by bringing a blanket and a picnic basket? Spring is approaching fast; nobody wants to stay indoors while the sun is shining and the sky is glooming and clear.

There are so many activities to do at War Memorial Park, and if things get awkward you can still talk about the weather and how annoying those screaming kids are, duh.

10. Your place

Do not think about anything malicious (yet). Nothing beats a homemade meal, or alternatively, a delivered pizza if you don’t trust your cooking skills enough.

A movie or a relaxing massage can contribute making into it an epic night and possibly lead into something else. If you’re still not convinced, do not just ditch the idea yet… maybe save it for the second or third date. Often the things worth waiting for do not come immediately.

It’s not all so black and white

Coventry… the ugly, lovely city which crawls and sprawls… It amazes you in your state of languor. There’s great things every where you go in this mundane city which makes the experience ever so unique. Head out and look around for yourself – and bring your date along.


Written by Carmen

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