is it sad to drink alone?

To feel incapable of enjoying your own company unless it is in the presence of alcohol?

a supplement that empowers you to reveal your most true and unfiltered feelings. temporary confidence. your sober self faith wallows in despair awaiting the consequences of tomorrow.

as you guzzle down your bitter tasting drink, you feel the replacement of vodka. recklessly driving itself through your veins.

instead of a pump of blood around your body… you feel a pump of excitement and confusion. this entangles the underlying fear of the next turn your journey could take.

while you take your last sip, you feel the burning sensation blaze your throat. your thoughts begin to suffocate you.

you realise why your sober mind suppresses these feelings. because of this sudden mind collapses. you’re left breathless with nothing but an empty glass in your hand. which juxtaposes the full and heavy thoughts in your head.

The flowers mean thought and wonder about whether it is sad to drink alone

the overwhelming thoughts press on your tear ducts. your eyes begin to swim as you come to a bitter realisation that everything is not as it seems.

this method you use to comfort yourself from your anxious state causes great damage. your thoughts ache to escape. your body is a mere temple that can only uphold so many positive perceptions.

but as you struggle and struggle each day, simple things become difficult. smiling, feeling sane, even when you drink with friends.

you drink to escape. when we drink alone. we drink for no witnesses of the weak, for no sympathy. in hope that we won’t remember the things, we’ve faced.

so tomorrow we can start a new and erase the night as if it never happened. and so we do.


Written by Nasrin Najafi

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