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Student sparks outrage after accused of using anti-Asian rhetoric online

(Trigger warning: racism)

A first year Coventry University student has allegedly made derogatory comments online, through the dating app ‘Tinder’. An investigation concerning racism is currently taking place

The 19-year-old is accused of using ethnic slurs to mock another Coventry University student.

The racist encounter on Tinder

The perpetrators Tinder profile

Alleged perpetrator

However, he claims that these allegations against him are “false” as he does not have a Tinder account.

The 19-year-old expresses that these accusations are tarnishing his image. He states that “I am willing to prove my innocence” and “I do apologise for anything said”.

The female student affected by this incident is deeply upset.

She told Cov Campus that as an international student all she wanted was to “meet new people” and “make new friends”.

A spokesperson from the Students’ Union claims that students must report racist incidents to the advice centre.


Written by Hibo

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