Welcome to Cov Campus, Coventry University’s No.1 news outlet. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best news at Cov Uni with a focus on being persistent, honest and unbiased. Founded in March 2019, Cov Campus has become a long way from its beginnings behind a mobile phone screen.

On our first day we racked up 60 thousand views on two of our Facebook videos which we posted in order to keep you, the students more informed.

When Cov Campus first started out, the passion was to make sure that a corporate news outlet from London didn’t control students views. This drove us to do tons of research, struggle to meet deadlines, just so we can claim back control of the student voice.

Right now, we are doing a fantastic job. We are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion to keep students informed into what’s going on campus, into our own website.

Cov Campus is not affiliated with the Coventry University Group nor the Students Union. This creates so much more freedom for what we love doing, which means a better experience for you.
When I first came to Cov Uni, I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t an unbiased news outlet. This has now changed.

Alp Boyraz, Editor-in-chief

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