Who we are

Cov Campus breaks the biggest stories on campus. We started at Coventry University in March 2019, with the mission to publish news, articles, polls and quizzes that Cov Uni students care about in a style that they want to read. Right now, we are the No.1 source of news for students in Coventry.

What makes us unique is our mix of original local reporting and creative direction. Our campus editorial teams deliver bold, fearless and entertaining journalism to readers at Coventry University. Then we help those stories find a much wider audience across Cov Uni and Coventry in general.

There are a number of ways you can get involved — writing stories, shooting video, taking pictures.

What are the Benefits?

As Cov Campus is run by students, we have your greatest interests in mind. Writing for Cov Campus will be a great addition to your CV. Further, writing for Cov Campus will help with your essay writing skills and give you more insight on how to express yourself through words. Moreover, writing for Cov Campus keeps you informed of what’s going on, before everyone knows about it. You will have the ability to inform other students through our platform, with the greatest amount of freedom that you can’t find with any other student news media.

How to get involved

DM us on instagram @covcampus, or e-mail us at “admin@covcampus.com” with your name, year of study, course of study and why you want to write for Cov Campus.